Steamery Stockholm Cirrus No.2 Fabric Handheld Steamer


This hand-steamer, Cirrus No.2, is a sustainable and efficient alternative to both ironing and washing. Your clothes will be wrinkle-free, smooth and fresh in no time. The hot steam also removes bad smells, shallow dirt and bacteria.

How it works

The hot steam from a hand-steamer lifts the textile fibers – instead of pressing them down like the iron – and makes them swell and regain their natural shape. Steaming is similar to airing clothes. The hot steam removes signs of a garment ever being worn, such as odors, shallow dirt and bacteria.


Wrinkle-free, fresh and presentable clothes
Less washing – less energy- and water consuming
Easy to bring on weekend- and business trips
Timesaving and suitable for all homes
Works on all materials except leather and suede.
Be gentle on silk.