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Price162,00 €

The Jeunesse Originelle Nuit Night Care from Carita from the Progressif range is an effective cream for overnight which supports cell regeneration thanks to its vitalising active ingredients and unique formula. The highly effective Anti Aging care product gives skin new energy and helps give skin its elasticity back thanks to the exclusive GENESIS LIFT active ingredient. At the same time, an invisible, protective film is laid over the skin which protects this against further signs of aging.

The all-round care package for night-time

The Sacha Inchi Oil mixed into the Jeunesse Originelle Nuit Night Care from Carita provides skin and skin cells with nutrients and therefore makes skin look plump, soft and very even. Your complexion will therefore look more balanced and even, and moreover, pigment abnormalities caused by age will also be effectively dealt with. The Perfection Peptide repairs skin and again ensures a youthful appearance. Combines perfectly with other Progressif products.

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