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Astroglaze - AQUARIUS

Price14,00 €

Aquarius, the water-bearer (January 20-February 18)

Independent at heart, the Aquarian is a clever and inventive sign with strong humanitarian values.

From the "Astroglaze" line, the Aquarius Astro Tatt sheet is 5x5inches and contains 5 small metallic Tatts: a star sign, a star symbol and zodiac sign, a bracelet and an extra! All in gold, silver and bronze.

Glaze Tatts are versatile temporary metallic tattoos available in various sizes from extra long tatts that you can wrap around your body, to small and discreet styles that you can hide away. Glaze Tatts are safe and non-toxic, made with gold, silver and bronze foils. Easy to apply with a full set of instructions in each pack, you will be ready to rock in no time!

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